Meet mio mio

mio mio was born with the idea that baby products could be chic, functional, and easy to maintain. Created by Andrea Ruiz-Urquiola, a mother of two boys, mio mio is a fusion of very classic European design with a bold fun American twist. Because a clean comfortable baby is a happy baby.

When Andrea had her first baby, she found it impossible to keep her Bugaboo stroller clean—between the spit up, the snacks, the sweat, and the constant exposure to sun and germs, cleanliness was a constant battle. She wanted something that would be easy-to-use and keep both the stroller and baby germ-free. That is when the mio mio Stroller Covers were born.

At mio mio, we are obsessed with color and fun! We love taking fun everyday items our kids interact with and giving them a fun, original spin. From Tea Parties with macaroons and Transportation with hot air balloons, developing these iconic prints is woven into the brand’s DNA. We always have our wheels turning to create new designs inspired by the world around us. We love the color of New York City’s Central Park in the fall, the artfully designed walls of Wynwood in Miami, the stars in Mexico, the sunsets in Ibiza, the après ski clothes of San Moritz—we could go on and on! The idea is to re-envision everyday items with a fun, bold, colorful spirit.

Our printed designs are silk-screened onto our cotton fabrics with all-natural dyes to ensure that radiance and vitality come alive.  Detailed with colorful embroidery and delicate trim to frame what we love most. With mio mio, comfort and crispness take shape through our unique and original designs that make our collections both fun and practical for home or on-the-go.

We know babies are messy, and we celebrate that! Created by moms for babies, our products are always easy to maintain and designed for frequent handling. Our goal is to provide the materials that make their day a little softer and easier to clean up after.

Because a clean comfortable baby is a happy baby. 

mio mio–we’ve got baby covered.

Why we Pima Cotton

We take comfort knowing that our little ones are bundled in a softer, more absorbent, all-natural material. Compared to standard cotton fabrics, 100% Pima Cotton doesn’t pill or fade because it is stronger, sturdier, and made to last. With every tumble from the playground to the washing machine, our blankets, towels, stroller covers and all things that keep baby covered grow softer with time. At mio mio, we redefine everyday cotton with a new, more luxurious material between you and baby. Only a parent can ease the growing pains, but at mio mio we provide the material to help.

When choosing a material for baby’s sensitive skin, we found the supreme softness, breathability and absorbency of Pima Cotton to be the perfect fabric to get wrapped up in. All natural Pima Cotton is harvested by hand without the use of chemicals making it a safe, allergen-free fabric gentle enough for the most delicate skin. 

The combination of Pima Cotton’s extra long fiber length and exceptional growing conditions in the northern coastal valleys of Peru have made it the finest, longest lasting and highest resistance cotton variety in the world. With any natural fiber, the longer and smoother the staple-length, the softer the material will be. Compared to ordinary cotton, the Pima Cotton staple-length is more than twice as long, making it 50% softer and stronger than other cotton varieties.

Machine-washable, practical and easy to maintain, high-grade Pima Cotton is so soft you’ll never want to let it go.