This is the best piece of marketing we have come across in a long time. Smart. Emotional. Captivating. Everyone should really take two minutes and watch this. #worldstoughestjob 



Earth Day Science Experiment. How Trees Breathe

Happy Earth Day! Kids always have such curious minds, they will love this simple experiment. All you need is a string, a clear plastic bag and a tree and do a real life demonstration of how trees breathe. Click the link below for simple instructions. We love science! 



Inspiration at Wynwood Walls Miami

We recently went to the Wynwood Walls in Miami and we were so inspired by the outburst of color! The brightly colored walls are contagious, you will notice that people can't keep a sad face in such a happy environment. My boys loved climbing the rocks, hiding in the wheels, and I wanted to run home and design like 10 new colorful prints. 



12 Tips for Traveling With Baby!

We love this article, "12 simple tips to prep for a road trip with your baby." Over pack on essentials as accidents do happen, try to travel during nap times, no hard toys... they can become weapons in a moving car! I always take a mini kit of medicine in case a fever strikes. The last thing you want is to hunt down a pharmacy when you are not home. And of course, a mio mio car seat cover to make the entire ride more comfortable and clean :)



Dirtiest Things We Touch Every Day

We are always shocked at just how dirty things are. Here is a list of the dirtiest things we touch every day! It's articles like this that inspire us to develop products to keep our house and our babies cleaner. Money, 100,00+ germs, public toilet is about 300 germs per square inch, and your cell phone could be in the millions. At least it's Spring cleaning season.