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Why use a Mio Mio stroller cover?

Because strollers by themselves are the perfect storm to breed bacteria.
  • Great breeding ground for germs
  • They are made of synthetic materials
  • The fabric is porous
  • Spit-up, vomit, food, sweat permeate the fabric 
  • The strollers are constantly exposed to environmental aggressors, the sun, the wind, and various pollutants 
  • They are hard to clean, not easy to pull off the fabric to clean it

Why we Pima Cotton

We take comfort knowing that our little ones are bundled in a softer, more absorbent, all-natural material. Compared to standard cotton fabrics, 100% Pima Cotton doesn't pill or fade because it is stronger, sturdier, and made to last. With every tumble from the playground or the washing machine, our blankets, towels, footies and pjs grow softer with time. At mio mio, we redefine everyday cotton with a new, more luxurious material between you and baby. Only a parent can ease the growing pains, but at mio mio we provide the material to help.

Breathe easily with mio mio Pima Cotton behind you 100%.

The mio mio Bedtime Story

Experience nothing but sweet dreams with our 100% Pima Cotton Toddler Bedding Collection. We know that little ones move around a lot when they sleep, so we did away with the top sheet and replaced it with a super comfy toddler duvet. The duvet allows for children to cuddle up and get cozy without overheating. The mio mio Toddler Bedding set includes one fitted sheet, one duvet cover, and one toddler pillowcase. Easy-to-wash and amazingly soft, our bedding set will not stretch out, pill, or fade with washing.

The mio mio Bedding Collection keeps cute and comfortable all tucked in.