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Instructions on how to install a mio mio stroller cover.

1. All mio mio covers are reversible. Simply choose which side of the cover you prefer and flip the fitted sleeve over. When ready, lay the mio mio baby cover in stroller. Extend the fitted sleeve over the top of the stroller and pull down until snug.

2. Look at the back of the cover to determine which set of slots to use depending on where the safety straps are set on your stroller. Adjust the mio mio cover higher or lower as needed to ensure proper alignment. Pull the safety straps through the slots. Pull the bottom buckle through whichever slot is compatible to stroller.

3. Place child in the stroller as usual. Fasten safety harness. Make sure baby is secure, yet comfortable. If you are using the winter cover, we suggest unzipping the foot muff half way before placing child in the stroller.

4. Tie the ribbons together under the stroller seat to keep the cover in place.

5. With all winter covers, zip foot muff back up to keep child warm and secure. Once fully zipped, fold the top back at the stitched crease. Then connect the toggle buttons, located on both sides of the cover together. 



WARNING: Failure to follow instructions of any warnings may result in death or serious injury to the child. Never leave child unattended in this product. Carefully read and follow all the installation instructions before use. This product should not be used in a manner that interferes with the proper function of the child restraint system. Do not allow any part of this product (or any fabric) to cover a child’s nose or mouth. Do not allow child to become overheated. Do not use as sleepwear. This product is not flame resistant and is not intended for use in children’s sleepwear as defined in FF3-71 and FF5-74 of the rules and regulations of the consumer product safety commission.

For questions or more information email us at info@miomio.co

Machine wash warm separately. Tumble dry low. Made in Peru.